We take pride in our leadership role in sustainability because we believe in leading by example. We will continue to pursue new discoveries that advance sustainability for our customers and for our company


Our Strength

Technology Strength

  • Demand Ware, ERP R12, Jquery, Cassandra, datastax, RESTful services (Jax-rs, rest easy)
  • JAVA EE, JAVA VM (oracle v8u25), Linux Kernel (Ubuntu Server V14 - LTS), rabbitMQ, redis, splunk, appdynamics, slf4j
  • Selenium, Groovy, Jenkins, Maven, Java, Phython, Selendriod, Appium, Browser farms
  • Soasta Cloud, Load runner, Gatlings
  • Web Applications  (.NET and J2EE), Mobile Applications (iOS, Anderoid..)
  • CMS experience – Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, Magento
  • Mobile & E-commerce Apps,  Digital Marketing (SEO, SMO, PPC, SEM)

Digital Minds Strengths

  • Defined SLA for fixing production support issues
  • Get resource in 24 hrs time frame
  • Round the clock working model
  • Microsoft Link and skype availability for real-time video chat with client
  • Strong Workforce in Mobile Apps & Wearable software development
  • Experts in Automation frameworks for selenium web driver, API and Web services.
  • We have developers who worked in other mobile based companies.

Digital Minds Collaboration Model

  • Development team to ensure ease of communication and collaboration
  • Collaborative Global execution model between US and India
  • Facilitating speedy delivery
  • Proven, Mature global delivery process 
  • Facilitates great Time savings
  • Faster time to Deploy/Market    
  • Technology investments and use of
  • Collaboration tools ensure total transparency, control and customer involvement

While part of the team sleeps, reviews and testing can be performed by their teammates

Key benefits of our methodology

  • Scrum approach greatly reduces project development cycle and helps organizations "reduce time to market"
  • Very quick Returns on Investment (ROI) due to prioritization of requirements
  • Daily review helps daily tracking and impediment removal, and establishes high transparency
  • Avoiding "Project Killers" such as Poor communication, incomplete requirements etc
  • Extremely efficient change-management  and reduced risk reduction
  • Lighter methodology than iterative approaches like RUP (although we use some of the key RUP concepts in the current process).
  • Supports only necessary documentation and replaces "Unnecessary documentation" with effective communication.
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Our innovations are enabling businesses and organizations to take advantage of the enormous opportunity of the application where software drives business models, and is shifting how companies deliver, consumers purchase, and individuals around the world connect and interact. Applying software solutions to improve efficiency and enhance sustainability efforts, not just at our own company, but also for our customers.